IsoBox Sound Proof Boxes for Studio Sound Isolation

Because thermal loads vary, be sure you read our >FAQ
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IsoBox Studio

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Our critically acclaimed IsoBox® is now patented!

The IsoBox is the number one choice of award winning film, television, recording and post engineers and producers worldwide.

The IsoBox virtually eliminates hard drive, fan and spindle noise while allowing you to keep your hands-on computer gear at arms reach. It's the machine room that stays with you in the room! The Studio series is available in 12, 16, 20 RU, two fan formats.

Tired of searching for solutions to rack mount your G5? Try our new G5 / Mac Pro slide tray, the only horizontal non invasive rack solution, that only eats up 7 RU! The G5 slide tray is available exclusively with our IsoBox Studio and Post models.

> Click Here to read more about our Exclusive G5 / Mac Pro Slide Tray that allows you to rackmount your Macintosh horizontally.

Sometimes I like to cut vocals in the control room.The IsoBox allows me to get what I need without sacrificing quality.

Phil Ramone

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IsoBox Flight Case

Let the IsoBox Flight Case take it on the road.

Featuring the same noise reduction, heat elimination and just a bit more space as our acclaimed IsoBox Studio, this box is truly road worthy.

When we designed the Isobox Flight Case, we wanted to get some feedback from someone equally as road worthy, David Frangioni.

David is the recipient of over 65 gold and platinum albums as technical consultant, engineer and/or programmer for artists such as Aerosmith, Styx, Elton John, the Bee Gees and the Rolling Stones. He's heard it all, and he knows a good thing when he doesn't hear it, computer noise.

All the features available for the standard IsoBox or IsoBox Post are also available for the IsoBox Flight Case - including the G5/Mac Pro Slide Tray to rackmout your Mac.

The IsoBox is a must for anyone using a computer in the same room where they are monitoring audio. The new IsoBox Flight Case is a portable machine room in the control room!

Silence is golden thanks to the IsoBox.

– David Frangioni

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IsoBox Post

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The IsoBox Post has been described as a mini machine room, but there is nothing small about its performance.

Boasting over 30db of noise reduction (see chart), The IsoBox Post features an impressive four fan exhaust system that can readily handle up to 3500 watts of excess heat.

Standard features include rear rack rail, matching top and heavy duty casters. Available in 38" and 45" footprints (D). Custom sizes available on request.

> Click Here to read more about noise reduction specifications of the Isobox Post.

Between Denny and myself we've worked on over 50 DVD-As and SACDs and we know the kind of critical listening required for these productions.

We chose the IsoBox Post for our surround production room because it allows us easy access to CPUs and hard drives while keeping noise and space requirements to a minimum.

– Andrew Mendelson

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As of June 15, 2007, all IsoBox and IsoBox Post Models will be
constructed with all natural cotton fiber sound insulation padding. >more