Rackmount your Mac G5 / Mac Pro

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We've now got 2 ways to rackmout your Mac - the Original IsoBox with Slide Tray - or the New MPR Racks.

Read about our new MPR Series Racks for the Mac Pro!

With the MPR Series, you can now rackmout your Mac in a rack without the sound isolation and heat removal features of the IsoBox.

However, if you want the IsoBox, of course, you can get it direct from us or through our network of dealers across the country and around the world.


Keep your Macintosh MacPro or G5 Cool and Quiet with our G5 Sliding Tray / IsoBox Combination

Rackmout your Macintosh Mac Pro / G5 without any chassis manipulation!

The Mac Pro / G5 sliding tray, available exclusively in the now patented IsoBox™, securely cradles your G5 or Mac Pro in the bottom of the IsoBox horizontally on a specially designed ventilated tray. The Mac Pro slides out to allow full access to all rear cabling.

As a special bonus, with your Mac Pro or G5 chassis already exposed, you have full access to the interior to change PCI cards, RAM and other hardware for easy upgrades.

When installed in the IsoBox the sliding tray and horizontal G5 / Mac Pro unit is only 7 rack units high – leaving plenty of space for other rack mount gear or peripherals.

Rack Mount your MacHorizontal Rackmount for Mac Pro G5Rack Mount Your Mac Pro G5

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This is the best aftermarket solution to rackmount your Apple Mac Pro or G5 computer when vertical placement is not an option.

And if you don’t use a Macintosh Mac Pro / G5 system, the slide tray will work with any computer chassis.

• Mac Pro / G5 Sliding Tray System

Installed in a new IsoBox Studio, IsoBox Post or IsoBox Flightcase.

MSRP $255.00


• G5 Retro Kit

G5 Retro Kit is a do-it-yourself way to install a G5 Slide tray and fits only* genuine IsoBox / Studio / Flight or Post models.

MSRP $ 405.00


*We will be unable to honor refunds if you purchase the G5 Sliding Tray product for anything other than genuine IsoBox / IsoBox Studio / IsoBox Flight or IsoBox Post models.

This product is not available for any ISOBOXES, Studio ISOBOXES or Post ISOBOXES that were manufactured before March 2005.

If your ISOBOX was manufactured after March 2005 please double check with our tech support at 888-580-9188 before you order this product to make sure your box has been outfitted with the necessary inserts.

Thank you.

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