AVM 6x3 Audio Video Mixing / Mastering Desk Shown With Euphonix MC Mix Option

AVM 6X3 / Audio Video / Mixing Mastering Desk
Shown with Option for MC Mix*

New update for Fall 2013: now featuring metal legs

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We also make this desk in a 6X2 format for a wide variety of DAW units.

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Introducing the A V M Series from Sound Construction & Supply, Inc.

Made to the same exacting standards as our critically acclaimed Custom Console furniture, the A V M, Audio-Video-Mastering series was designed to handle the multi-function platform prevalent in so many of today’s facilities. These desks are built to last, The legs and wire trough are encapsulated in a tough black polyurea finish, constructed from true one inch cabinet grade plywood and finished with a gray high quality laminate, (no particle board or melamine here).

All the desks in this series feature ergonomic rack placement keeping your hands on gear at arms reach, built in speaker pedestals and a generous under desk wire trough/modesty panel to keep your system orderly and organized.

The A V M 6x3 features three, six rack space bays arranged in a gentle ergonomic curve, speaker pedestals with the standard wire trough/modesty panel.

Above is shown the 6x3 modified with a special optional adapter for the Euphonix MC Mix control surface. Also available is an optional adapter for the Euphonix :: MC Control Digital Audio Workstation (DAW).

In August 2013, we've modified the leg style for the AVM series. Please note the top picture shows the new leg style, where pictures below all feature the discontinued leg style.

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*MC Mix Tray Option $ 98.00

The 6x3 standard configuration has three 6 rack space bays.

The option shown is fitted with the MC Mix Tray Option* in the center position.

Other options available include a tray for Euphonix MC Control.

For a similar desk designed for other Digital Audio Workstations, see our >>AVM 6x2.



*MC Control Tray Option $ 98.00

(MC Control option not shown)

Audio Video Desk for Euphonics MC MIX

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See the AVM Series Cable Handling features.

Easy cable access, multiple cabling ports and slots, and a convenient cable trough makes cabling chores a breeze.


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Physical Dimensions: 25.3"H X 72.4"W X 41"D - H is for table top height, add 8 inches for Speaker Pedestal height (32"H)

Centimeters: 64 cm Height X 184 cm Width X 104 cm Depth