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Products  "Sound Construction designs and builds the best studio furniture available, period"- Brian Tankersley

The seamless flexibility of our durable Custom Console mixing desk furniture enhances any recording, film, television or post studio with a variety of digital mixer formats.

We make studio desks for Yamaha, DigiDesign, Toft, Tascam, Sony and Solid State Logic consoles.

Studio Equipment Rack  Mod R14-3PRO AUDIO RACKS

SideCars, Outboard Racks, 3 Bays, Combo Racks, Lowboys, Studio Racks...
Whatever you want to call them and no matter what audio or video equipment you want to rackmount, we have studio equipment racks to match your Custom Console Mixing Desk or other studio furniture. Plus, we'll make custom studio racks too!

Isobox - Soundproof Studio Equipment RackIsoBox

The IsoBox™ virtually eliminates all hard drive and fan noise and is the number one choice among award winning film, television, recording and post engineers
and producers worldwide.

Our critically acclaimed, now patented IsoBox and IsoBox Post are only available directly through our dealers or direct from us.
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